Core Services

Border Security

Maritime Surveillance, Patrol and Response
Public Order and Security
Disaster Relief
Fulfilment of International Obligations
2008 Management Action Plan

The Defence Corporate Management Action Plan is derived from the Defence Renewal Program tasks and respective major activities are designated for Branch and Division sponsorship.  The major activities and their respective work breakdown structure are to detailed in the respective Branch or Division business plans produced for 2008-2012.

Task Descriptions
The task descriptions that apply to the MAP table at Attachment 1 are as follows:

  1. Transition the PNG Defence Organisation (PNGDO) to a new integrated structure;
  2. Develop effective Corporate Governance and Accountability systems of management;
  3. Develop and Sustain military capability (raise, train & sustain); and
  4. Maintain Force Preparedness to conduct security operations (Preparedness = Readiness X Sustainment)
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Preface by the Minister of Defence
The first duty of the Papua New Guinea Government is to provide for the security and defence of our nation and our national interests.  Government must ensure that we have defence capabilities to respond to a range of security contingencies and provide options to assist regional stabilisation initiatives that promote our national interests. As such, I am pleased to release this second update of the Defence Corporate Plan 2007 – 2011 which is a key strategy document that links the management of the PNG Defence Organisation, with the Government’s Medium Term Development Strategy (MTDS) and Defence reform agenda. Our Corporate Plan outlines our strategy to develop those military capabilities required to meet the Nation’s medium term security challenges.
This annual update of the Defence Corporate Plan builds upon the Government’s Defence Reform Strategy to reduce public sector expenditure on personnel emoluments in order to increase the financial resources available to increase service delivery. From a Defence perspective, our essential service delivery tasks remain Border Security, Maritime Surveillance and Response, and support to regional stability initiatives like the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI).
PNGDO Corporate Governance Committees and Boards

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Planning and Force Development

The critical assumptions on which this Plan is based are as follows:

  • The analysis of the strategic environment contained in the 1999 White Paper remains broadly appropriate.

  • Papua New Guinea enjoys a uniquely favourable strategic situation against the threat of conventional military attack, however, the emergence of terrorism in our region has revitalised the importance of strong regional security dialogue and cooperation with our security partners.

  • Events of 11 September 2001 and recent terrorist attacks within the Asia-Pacific region impact directly and indirectly on PNG’s security environment and the stability of the region.

  • The PNGDF regular personnel ceiling will remain capped at 2000 at least until the year 2011.

  • The PNG DOD funded strength of 166 will remain until the year 2011.

  • NEC decisions 88/99, 213/01, 239/01 and the proposed Defence Act (amendment) Bill 2005 will provide the baseline from which all Defence reform recommendations are to be based.
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